Reulose Reinszenierungen des indonesischen Massenmords: "The Act of Killing"

Reulose Reinszenierungen des indonesischen Massenmords: Das Oscar-nominierte Dokumentarfilm-Epos "The Act of Killing" ist wie ein Mix aus Borat und Claude Lanzmann.

20.02.2014 | 18:24 | Von Christoph Huber (Die Presse)

The Most Polluted River in the World, Citarum River, Indonesia

Citarum River, Indonesia

The Citarum has been called the world's most polluted river. Around 5 million people live in the river's basin, and most of them rely on its flow for their water supply. Heavy pollution of river water by household and industrial waste in the Indonesian province of West Java is threatening the health of at least five million people living on the riverbanks, say government officials and water experts. via from design you trust< posted by Dmitry

Saving Indonesia’s fisheries - Plenty more fish in the sea?

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The government tries to preserve a fecund part of the coral triangle
Dec 21st 2013 | ALILA TIMUR, ALOR ISLANDS | From the print edition

THE ACT OF KILLING by Joshua Oppenheimer

THE ACT OF KILLING, the 2013 documentary about the political and criminal genocide in Indonesia of the 1960's and the ongoing unchecked abuses of power by government "thugs," has achieved international recognition. One of the most haunting films of the year, we discuss the filming, political and cultural factors of the genocide, impact and making of the film (featuring footage) with director Joshua Oppenheimer on this full length BYOD interview.


Chilean Socialism 1: Indonesian Fascism 0 by ANDRE VLTCHEK


Several years ago, I spoke to two members of Allende’s government. Two who managed to survive. One of them recalled: “They used to threaten us, before the coup, before that terrible September 11, 1973: ‘Watch out, comrades, Jakarta is coming!’”

“We did not know much about Jakarta then,” he confessed. “Only that it was the capital of a far-away country called Indonesia… But very soon we found out…”


SOKOLA is a group of people who experienced in serving and assisting education for indigenous and marginalized community. With learning methods of quickly reading-writing.

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SOKOLA tries to reach communities in Indonesia which have not been accessed by formal education, assist, and share knowledge or life-skills in order to face their daily real-life problem. We call it "School for Life"

The jungle school - the book - written by Butet Manurung

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A People in Crisis . . .

A Young Woman’s Adventure . . .

A School for Life . . .